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Unlimited web possibilities from WordPress professionals

Build your web products with proven WordPress tools used and trusted by 30% of the world's top 10 million sites. Since 2013

Of the 10 million most popular websites in the world, 30% run on WordPress-

We have gained the trust of over 300 company leaders in the market.

Our Services

Plexygon's experienced team offers a complete web development package

Business Analytics and Design

Technological Solutions

IT Infrastructure and Integrations

Technical Support and Monitoring

Technological Products

WordPress offers technological solutions with limitless possibilities and integrations

Our email Commerce solutions and created platforms allow to create such a digital store that well reflects the character, features, categories and various parameters of each product. Fast navigation in products and easy buying process are its most important features.

Food stores, gift, clothing, food, toys, books, hardware and other business sectors operate with our e-commerce platforms.

e-mail One of the main challenges for commerce businesses is controlling balances. We offer many experienced balance control and monitoring tools. The WordPress control panel includes balance control mechanisms that can be connected to business balance control tools and ERP systems. It is possible to manage the balances in the product section, or to update the balances or prices of hundreds and thousands of products in Excel.

Any Georgian or international payment provider company takes care of integration with WordPress systems and accordingly offers integration plugins. With our experience, we have integrated payment systems of Bank of Georgia, TBC Bank, Liberty Bank, Halik Bank, Kartu Bank and Payze in various projects. With these integrations, it is possible to receive Georgian and global payments with VISA, MASTERCARD and AMEX type cards, as well as internal use cards of banks, such as Loyalty, Plus card and others.

For several years now, Georgian e-commerce platforms have been offering users the possibility of installment payments, which was reflected in our experience. We offer installment payment systems from the following providers: Bank of Georgia, TBC Bank, Crystal, Credo Bank, Terabank

Installment offer in your e-mail. The commerce platform will increase the number of users and therefore the turnover.

With our and integrated analytics tools, you can ingest and process unlimited content data. Be it website traffic, customer behavior or marketing performance. It is important to know your needs and we will recommend the appropriate tools.

As a result of collecting and analyzing data, you can make the right decisions based on which you can optimize your business strategies, marketing activities and communication approaches.

In various projects we have integrated Google Analytics, Hotjar, Hitmaps Tools, etc.

With our and integrated marketing tools, you can make your business more attractive, interact with customers and visitors, retain them and achieve specific KPIs.

On these sites we can integrate retargeting tools, such as Facebook Pixel, Tag Manager, etc.

With these tools, you can conduct email marketing (MailChimp,, SMS marketing in the Georgian or global market, manage banner positions, Google Ads, and more.

The WordPress engine is distinguished by its high compatibility with search engines, in addition to this feature, using specialized plugins you get full access to manage relevant settings, specify keywords, tags, descriptions customized for you. Such opportunities will increase the ranking of your site and improve its position in search engine results.

e-mail The process of commerce is not completed either by digitizing the product or by selling it online. The most important part is the delivery of the product to the customer’s address..

To solve this logistical issue, your platform allows you to manage customer addresses, delivery prices by region, manage statuses, and most importantly, in addition to managing your couriers, you can use external courier services through integrations, such as Georgian Post, Volt, or with Quickcoder integration Glovo, Volt and others Service of up to ten courier companies.

Our goal is to help your business grow. e-mail The growth of the commerce platform is directly related to the growth of the financial turnover and therefore to the proper tools of financial management.

WordPress platforms for financial management allow you to use business analytics tools, get the necessary information in the control panel or export it to e-mail. on commerce transactions.

Through integration, you can synchronize data in real time with your desired accounting or ERP systems, such as: FINA, FMG, OPTIMO, ALTA, BALANCE

WordPress is the most common platform in the world. 30% of the top 100 million sites use this engine. This shows its ease of use.

A content management system (CMS) allows you to manage not only the dynamic content of your platform, such as products, blogs, banners, news, and the like, but you can also easily manage static pages with text, graphics, and more.

The WordPress control panel is distinguished by its friendly and simple interface and powerful tools that allow you to make your site constantly updated and attractive to users.

e-mail In running an e-commerce business, constant communication with customers and managing offers tailored to them is a critical issue.

And our discount management system allows you to create customized offers for them, whether it is a percentage or a cut-off discount, whether it is for a group of customers tied to a specific customer. It allows you to create different rules, such as: only for the first use, or create active discounts in a specific time slot.

WordPress is undoubtedly the world’s leading platform for managing a blog, which is distinguished by the simplest and at the same time multifunctional content management capabilities for writing and editing a blog, as well as for its publication and promotion purposes.

The blog system adds dynamism to the site of any type and business sector organization or company. In addition to companies, an important trend in personal branding is to create your own personal blog.

e-mail One of the most trending and demanding commerce business models is the subscription business model, which requires proper and error-free technological solutions for recurring payments and calendar management. The creation of the said platform from scratch is a long and often unpredictable process of mistakes and errors.

Our ready-made solutions are the fastest and most importantly time-tested way. Integrating it and adapting it to your business needs does not require months, and at the same time you are assured of quality.

The Subscription module allows you to manage the process of invoicing and recurring payments, manage the list of subscribers and communicate with them. Plan your delivery arrangements in advance.

It is often the case that on blog-type sites created by us or e-mail. The company places hundreds and thousands of products, records, or other content on commerce platforms. At such a time, it is important to create a fast and convenient way for users to find the information they need.

Our technological solutions allow you, in addition to the multi-level structure of sorting and filtering, to build Live Search, which allows the user to get results while typing a word in the search field and navigate accordingly.


WordPress engine is one of the safest platforms if you use its licensed engine and host it on secure servers.

We offer an officially licensed WordPress engine and templates that come with an official technical support service that is constantly monitored and updated.

In addition, we cooperate with leading local and cloud hosting providers and have years of experience in maintaining secure and successful IT infrastructures. Our experience counts 1,500,000 monthly active users on the platforms we create.

Most companies, in the process of digital transformation, need active communication with customers. It is for this purpose that we offer Live Chat solutions. With these tools, you can build even complex customer relationship and support systems with autoresponders and survey modules.

Working Process

We offer a result-oriented and flexible work process

Business Analytics

We start the project by analyzing business needs and creating a project document. You know in advance what you will get as a result of the project.


Appropriate WordPress solutions will be selected specifically for the needs of the project and the site design will be agreed upon.

IT Infrastructure

The development process begins with the creation of secure and high-performance hosting with a licensed WordPress engine.

Web Development

Based on the agreed document and design, a team of professionals starts development and you receive a weekly progress report.

Go Live

You will receive several test versions, based on the feedback we get, we will push the refined and validated version to Live.

Technical Support

We provide technical support for completed projects. We update the base code, monitor the server and the site.


We share with you selected projects of successful cooperation

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